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Funding Opportunities, July 7

Federal Opportunities

Please contact Paul Montgomery (paul.montgomery@utk.edu) regarding your interest in federal opportunities.

Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has published an amendment to the attached solicitation entitled Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction.  This amendment seeks basic and applied research to advance quantum sensing science to “detect nuclear weapons or chemical/biological weapon signatures with range or confidence of detection beyond state-of-the-art…..”  Additional details, including potential research areas of interest, are on pp. 39-41 of the solicitation.  Please check for possible updates to the solicitation in the “related documents” tab at this link if you intend to apply.

A white paper, up to 4 pages, and an SF-424 are due by 14 Aug, and proposals are by invitation.  (White paper instructions begin in section 4.2.2 on p. 14.)  Awards are anticipated to be $150-$500K annually for up to 3 years.

Please notify Paul Montgomery if you plan to submit.

NOTE: Individuals interested in any solicitation that limits the number of submissions allowed by UT must submit a notification of interest to limitsub@utk.edu. See the ORE limited submission policyview current and past opportunities, and sign up for the listserv.

Limited Submission Opportunities

Find information about limited submissions on the Limited Submissions Opportunities page.

Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) – Thematic Collections Networks

This program seeks to enhance and expand the national resource of digital data documenting existing vouchered biological and paleontological collections and to advance scientific knowledge by improving access to digitized information (including images) residing in vouchered scientific collections across the United States. The information associated with various collections of organisms, such as geographic, paleogeographic and stratigraphic distribution, environmental habitat data, phenology, information about associated organisms, collector field notes, and tissues and molecular data extracted from the specimens, is a rich resource providing the baseline from which to further biodiversity research and provide critical information about existing gaps in our knowledge of life on earth. The national resource is structured at three levels: a central coordinating organization, a series of thematic networks based on an important research theme, and the physical collections. Thematic Collections Network (TCN) proposals will be submissions for two-to-four year awards to digitize existing specimens based on a particular research theme. Specimens to be digitized should be of critical importance to the research theme and the criteria for the specimen assessment should be indicated in the proposal. The collaborating institutions will conduct the actual digitization of the specimens (including imaging and mobilization of the data). Priority is given to proposals that approach the digitization problem in innovative ways, through integration of collections, application of techniques that are innovative, cost effective, and drive down the financial and personnel costs of digitization of specimens and/or speed up the process of digitization.

Please see the full opportunity description for complete information.

Notification of Interest to ORE: 7/14/2017 12 NOON
Application to Agency: 10/13/2017
Limit on Number of Applications: 1
Estimated Program Funding: $10M total
Anticipated No. of Awards: 4-12

NSF Opportunities

Please contact Sharon Pound (spound@utk.edu) regarding your interest in NSF opportunities.

  • Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS): Core Programs NSF 17-572
  • Computer and Network Systems (CNS): Core Programs NSF 17-570
  • Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF): Core Programs NSF 17-571

NSF Dear Colleague Letters

  • Pursuing Meaningful Actions in Support of Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) NSF 17-110 Jul. 3, 2017
  • Removal of Target Dates for Geospace Science Programs NSF 17-109 Jul. 3, 2017
  • Geoinformatics Program (GI) Proposal Submission Hiatus NSF 17-108 Jun. 28, 2017

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