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Funding Opportunities, April 13

Federal Opportunities

Please contact Paul Montgomery (paul.montgomery@utk.edu) regarding your interest in federal opportunities.

DARPA Funding Opportunity on RF Materials & Devices

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has published a solicitation entitled Dynamic Range-enhanced Electronics and Materials (DREaM).  This program seeks “material and transistor architectures to enable breakthrough dynamic range, radio frequency (RF) power density, efficiency, and linearity.”  Specifically, DREaM “will develop new materials and novel device structures to create RF/millimeter wave transistors that enable high dynamic range RF systems… will dramatically increase the output power density at the transistor level as compared to present GaN technology…[and will enable] devices with intrinsically higher linearity….”

The DREaM program is organized into two technical areas:

  • Technical Area 1 (TA1) High Power:  Develop a transistor technology that is capable of producing high RF output power densities with high power added efficiencies (PAE) at an operating frequency of 30 GHz.
  • Technical Area 2 (TA2) High Linearity:  Develop transistors that enable high linearity amplification at a reduced cost of PDC from the transistor.

Details about each TA are on pp. 8-11 of the solicitation.

Proposal due:  May 24. A proposal may address one or both TAs.
DARPA expects to make multiple awards, with total available funding of $40M.

NOTE: Individuals interested in any solicitation that limits the number of submissions allowed by UT must submit a notification of interest to limitsub@utk.edu. See the ORE limited submission policy, view current and past opportunities, and sign up for the listserv.

NIH Opportunities

Join the UT NIH Research Community by contacting Jennifer Webster (jwebster@utk.edu) and start receiving the weekly NIH Digest.

  • NIH Standard Deadlinesfor Investigator-Initiated Research Projects
  • NCI Collaborative Research Projects to Enhance Applicability of Mammalian Models for Translational Research (Collaborative R01) (PAR-17-244)
  • NCI Research Projects to Enhance Applicability of Mammalian Models for Translational Research (R01) (PAR-17-245)
  • NCI Activities to Promote Research Collaborations on Immune-Related Adverse Events (APRC-irAEs) Associated with Cancer Immunotherapy (Admin Supp) (PA-17-248)
  • NHLBI Centers of Excellence for Training in Glycosciences (K12) (RFA-HL-18-013)
  • NIA Alzheimer’s-related Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (AD-RCMAR) (P30) (RFA-AG-18-002)
  • NIA Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (P30) (RFA-AG-18-003)
  • NIA Resource Centers for Minority Aging (RCMAR) Coordinating Center (R24) (RFA-AG-18-004)
  • NIAID Dysregulation of Immune Cell Regulatory Pathways by Mtb in the Context of HIV Infection (R61/R33) (RFA-AI-17-010)
  • NIDA Extracellular Vesicles and Substance Use Disorders (R01) (PAR-17-250)
  • NIDA Extracellular Vesicles and Substance Use Disorders (R21) (PAR-17-242)
  • NIDDK George M. O’Brien Kidney Research Core Centers (P30) (RFA-DK-17-005)
  • NIGMS Limited Competition: Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Phase III – Transitional Centers (P30) (PAR-17-249)
  • NINR Limited Competition: Palliative Care Research Cooperative (PCRC) (U2C) (RFA-NR-17-001)
  • RELATED SPONSOR: AHRQ Health Information Technology (IT) to Improve Health Care Quality and Outcomes (R21) (PA-17-246)
  • RELATED SPONSOR: AHRQ Implementation and Evaluation of New Health Information Technology (IT) Strategies for Collecting and Using Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Measures (U18) (PA-17-247)

NSF Opportunities

Please contact Sharon Pound (spound@utk.edu) regarding your interest in NSF opportunities.

Competition for the Management and Operation of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) NSF 17-550

The National Science Foundation is soliciting proposals for the management and operation of NCAR, an NSF Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), which is a center of excellence supporting the atmospheric, geospace and broader Earth sciences communities. NCAR operates world-class observational facilities and computing infrastructure, conducts extensive in-house research, maintains vigorous programs of education, outreach, and the promotion of diversity, and cultivates extensive national and international collaborations. NCAR also carries out research and development on behalf of other organizations, most commonly other U.S. Government agencies. This work, which can only be undertaken if it supports the NCAR mission, currently accounts for approximately 30% of NCAR’s total funding. The awardee will work closely with NSF and the university community to ensure that NCAR continues to support, sustain and advance the atmospheric, geospace and related sciences, including the promotion of a diverse STEM workforce. The awardee will manage and develop the NCAR staff, buildings and facilities, and will promote an ambitious, coherent and inclusive program of research and education.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $500 million over 5 yrs.

Petrology and Geochemistry (CH) NSF 17-547

This program supports basic research on the formation of planet Earth, including its accretion, early differentiation, and subsequent petrologic and geochemical modification via igneous and metamorphic processes. Proposals in this program generally address the petrology and high-temperature geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks (including mantle samples), mineral physics, economic geology, and volcanology. Proposals that are focused on the development of analytical tools, theoretical and computational models, and experimental techniques for applications by the igneous and metamorphic petrology, and high temperature geochemistry and geochronology communities are also invited.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $13.5 million, total, for 40 to 60 awards

Ideas Lab: Practical Fully-Connected Quantum Computer Challenge (PFCQC) NSF 17-548

This solicitation describes an Ideas Lab focused on the Practical Fully-Connected Quantum Computer (PFCQC) challenge. Ideas Labs are intensive meetings that bring together multiple diverse perspectives to focus on finding innovative cross-disciplinary solutions to grand challenge problems. The ultimate aim of this Ideas Lab is to facilitate the development and operation of a practical-scale quantum computer. The aspiration is that bringing together researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds will engender fresh thinking and innovative approaches that will provide a fertile ground for new ideas on the design and fabrication of quantum devices and processors and implementation of quantum information processing algorithms. This will enable the solution of science problems that are currently beyond the reach of modern high-performance computing applications on classical computers.

Anticipated Funding Amount: Up to $3 million/yr. for 5 yrs.

GeoPRISMS Program NSF 17-549

GeoPRISMS (Geodynamic Processes at Rifting and Subducting Margins) Program investigates the coupled geodynamics, earth surface processes, and climate interactions that build and modify continental margins over a wide range of timescales. These interactions cross the shoreline and have applications to margin evolution and dynamics, construction of stratigraphic architecture, accumulation of economic resources, and associated geologic hazards and environmental management. This program includes two broadly integrated science initiatives (Subduction Cycles and Deformation and Rift Initiation and Evolution), linked by five overarching scientific topics and themes, where transformative advances are likely to occur in the decade 2011-2020, and where a focused scientific program could be most effective. These overarching science topics include 1) Origin and evolution of continental crust; 2) Fluids, magmas and their interactions; 3) Climate-surface-tectonics feedbacks; 4) Geochemical cycles; and 5) Plate boundary deformation and geodynamics. Each of the initiatives has identified primary sites for focused investigations, as well as thematic studies that will complement primary site studies. Further information and a science plan for the program detailing each initiative and the associated thematic studies, as well as the overarching themes, can be found on at http://www.geoprisms.org/.

Anticipated Funding Amount: Up to $4 million, total, for 10 awards

Dear Colleague Letters

  • Using JOIDES Resolution to Collect Cores with Advanced Piston Coring (APC) System NSF 17-075 Apr. 10, 2017
  • Simulated and Synthetic Data for Infrastructure Modeling (SSDIM) NSF 17-074 Mar. 30, 2017