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Federal Budget Outlook: Memo from the AVCR and Director of Sponsored Programs

In anticipation of a government shutdown, the Office of Research and Engagement has been monitoring activities in Washington, DC in preparation for a potential government shutdown. As of Thursday afternoon, a continuing resolution had passed the House and was sent to the Senate for their vote in order to avoid a lapse in federal funding.  As of this afternoon, the Senate has not yet passed a continuing resolution.

We will maintain a Federal Budget Outlook website (­outlook) and post new information as it becomes available. We will also disseminate information through a variety of other mechanisms.

For faculty with existing federal awards:
Should you receive a “Stop Work Order,” it is imperative that the Office of Sponsored Programs is notified immediately at 865-­974-­3466. During the 2013 shutdown these orders created a minimal impact. However, because they effectively end or suspend the awards, costs associated with any work conducted after the notification will not be reimbursed. The Office of Sponsored Programs will coordinate with the university to address any problems that may arise from these orders.

For faculty currently preparing proposals:
The Office of Research and Engagement’s recommendation is to continue working as though a shutdown has not occurred. At present, it is anticipated that if a shutdown occurs, it will not be prolonged. Agencies have given no indication that proposal deadline dates will be extended or changed, so please continue working toward the posted deadline.

In the event of a shutdown, it is anticipated that information will not be disseminated from the agencies until the government resumes operation. When information is released, it will be shared with the campus research community.

Should you have any questions about matters related to the shutdown, please contact Jean Mercer, assistant vice chancellor for research and director of sponsored programs (, 865-­974-­2465).