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Group Creation in Stratocore

During the initial setup, the PI will be asked to create a new user group, analogous to the PI lab. Once created, the PI (or designee) may add new students, staff, or faculty to the group and authorize access to general or project specific accounts. Start by clicking Create a new group and completing the profile fields.

The PI will then be asked to identify a default account number for billing purposes. Please note: The Stratocore system is fully integrated with IRIS and will verify account information during the creation process. Accounts should conform to the standard 10-character E or R format. Services may not be booked without a valid account.

Following account validation, the PI will be asked to provide information on the administrative contact, department, and invoicing address. Please note: Users should first search for their department and home institution using the drop-down menu before creating a new entry.

Finally, the PI will be asked to select an affiliation (all UT users should select academic) and to designate a group manager. Ensure that the box denoting the group is Active is selected and click Save. This will send a request to the facility administrator for group verification and approval.

Note: Group managers (and other members) will not appear until the user accounts have been created.

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