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Procedures for Visitors Engaged in Research

Researchers must follow the steps below to ensure compliance with the University of Tennessee’s Visitors Engaged in Research Policy. Questions about the policy and procedures should be directed to Sarah Pruett at spruett1@utk.edu.

Step 1:
Visitor who will be engaged in research is identified by the UT Faculty Sponsor.
Step 2:
UT Faculty sponsor requests Visitor to complete the Visitor Information Packet1 (with signatures of Visitor, UT Faculty sponsor, and Department Head or Designee), obtains Department Head approval, and sends packet to Departmental Business Manager or equivalent identified in their unit.
Step 3:
Departmental Business Manager or equivalent completes the Departmental Use Only section and uploads packet into OneDrive folder using the naming convention: FacultySponsorName (last)_VisitingResearcherName (last, first)_DateUploaded(MMDDYYYY).
Example:  Smith_JonesFred_11032020.
Please Contact Donna Ford, dford15@utk.edu, for access to the folder for your unit/department if needed.
Step 4:
Research Compliance will enter signature document into DocuSign and route to all appropriate areas for review and signatures.
Step 5:
Visitor Information Packet is signed and returned to Departmental Business Manager or equivalent once all approvals are obtained.
Step 6:
After receiving the signed Visitor Information Packet, the Departmental Business Manager or equivalent should enter the Visitor into IRIS as a Friend, Subcategory – Visiting Researcher.


UT Faculty Sponsor
A university employee with “regular” employment status as defined in policy HR0105 who proposes a visitor.
Departmental Business Manager
The individual designated as the department business manager or equivalent of an academic department or business unit without regard to the job title of the employee, or such individual’s designee.

1The Visitor Information Packet provides information needed for review of visitor request and with attachment of supporting documentation including but not limited to a CV/resume, visa or work eligibility documents, and for domestic visitors, a separate background check will be performed by HR. The packet is available through the ORE website: research.utk.edu


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