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Completing Your Grants.gov Application Package

Grants.gov application packages arrive in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) with varying degrees of completion, from not yet downloaded, to partially complete, to ready to submit. There is often some confusion as to who is responsible for completing which parts.

When submitting a proposal via Grants.gov, it is the PI/department’s responsibility to download the Grants.gov application package, fill in the required sections, and attach the necessary documents. The Grants.gov application package is a part of the proposal process, just as FastLane is for an NSF proposal. When the proposal is routed through PAMS, an almost completed Grants.gov application package should be attached. The only portions that should not be final are the proposal documents themselves (narrative, research strategy, abstract). The rest of the package should be completed. Once the Grants.gov package arrives in OSP, the proposal coordinator will take responsibility for the application package. He or she will review the package and make any changes necessary. The coordinator will also attach the final proposal documents when they are ready for submission.

To assist in completing the Grants.gov package, the OSP website has a Proposal Information page that provides information needed (DUNS number, Congressional District, EIN, etc.). OSP is happy to assist you to make sure the correct application package is being used. Questions and/or additional information can be obtained by contacting any of the proposal coordinators, by emailing osp@utk.edu or calling 865-974-3466.