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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Three New Grand Challenges

The Office of Research & Engagement and the University of Tennessee Foundation would like to make you aware that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has opened three new Grand Challenges. Interested applicants must contact Sally Morris, Director of Foundation Relations at smorri41@utk.edu. The deadline is January 13th, 2015.

Topics are:

  1. New Interventions for Global Health: New Interventions for Global Health. This topic seeks original and innovative concepts for vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics with the potential to be translated into safe, effective, affordable and widely utilized interventions to protect against infectious diseases or provide a cure for infectious diseases in resource-limited settings. This RFP will fund full awards that could include grants, program related investments and/or contracts up to $10M for four years but must include an industry, biotech or other translational partner. They will also consider funding pilot awards of up to $2M for up to four years with the anticipation that successful applicants will apply for full awards. This challenge will fund in three areas:
    1. Vaccines – seek to identify novel vaccines concepts for generating protective immune responses to global health pathogens of interest and to solicit creative, novel approaches to the identification and generation of protective immune responses in order to move the best vaccine concepts and candidates forward into clinical development.
    2. Therapeutics – seek to explore new therapeutic approaches that limit the emergence of resistance – by limiting evolutionary pressure on drug targets, blocking potential evolutionary oaths, or other novel mechanisms. Proposals must articulate how the emergence of drug resistance would be limited and how the likelihood for emergence of resistance could be tested.
    3. Diagnostics: seek innovative diagnostics that have potential to drastically change how we measure a patient’s health condition in developing world settings. Proposals may offer methods to detect disease-causing pathogens as well as biomarkers, indicators of metabolic status, and micronutrients, They may employ existing platform technologies or detection modalities, but they must be accompanied by credible biophysical signatures or biomarkers specific for global health conditions.
  2. Putting Women and Girls at the Center of Development: Putting Women and Girls at the Center of Development. This topic targets innovative solutions to effectively reach the most vulnerable women and girls to simultaneously improve health, development and economic outcomes for them, their families and communities, and empower women and girls to promote gender equality. Solutions should be focused in the following program areas: urban sanitation, financial services for the poor, agricultural development, HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal newborn and child health, nutrition, and emergency relief. Please note – this RFP is intended for investigators in low-income and middle-income countries. Exploratory grants are $500,000 for initial development and validation. Full grants for 4 years are available up to $2.5M to develop, refine, and rigorously test larger multi-sectorial approaches, including those that have previous data demonstrating proof of concept and show promise.
  3. Creating and Measuring Integrated Solutions for Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development: Creating and Measuring Integrated Solutions for Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development (part of the All Children Thriving platform). The goal of this program is to determine what packages of interventions should be delivered to which group of individuals at what point in their life cycle to reduce the burden of fetal growth impairment and preterm birth, stunted postnatal growth, and impaired cognitive development. Projects should propose innovation in the following areas: measurement tools (pilot tests); intervention packages (tests of new interventions), and Analytical tools (pilot tests). Interventions of interest include preconception and maternal nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding from 6 to 24 months, food security and dietary diversity, farm productivity and women farmer’s income, infection control, reduced toxin exposure, birth assistance, fostering newborn care, family planning and birth spacing, infant nurturing, early child stimulation, addressing violence and abuse, and addressing role of socioeconomic status and gender norms. Please note – this RFP is intended for investigators in low-income and middle-income countries, but partnerships are encouraged with investigators in other countries. Seed grants will be funded at $500,000 for two years and full grants will be funded up to $2.5M for four years.

For more information about the application process and guidelines, please visit www.grandchallenges.org.

Again, those interested in applying should contact Sally Morris at smorri41@utk.edu.