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Awards for October 2014

The following awards were granted in October, 2014. To see a total of all awards and breakdown of where the monies originated, see the graph below.

Spreadsheet: Awards for October 2014

UTK Award (10/01/2014 – 10/31/2014) *
College of Arts and Sciences
McSween, Harry Participation in DAWN Science Team Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles/NASA $9,167
Efremenko, Yuri Search for the Neutrino Less of Double Beta Decay Dept. of Energy $86,000
Gordon, Kristina Relationship Rx: Integrating a Couples Intervention Program into a Primary Care Setting HHS – Administration for Children & Families $723,508
Vonarnim, Albrecht GRA Ritin Sharma DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $3,139
Hwang, Wonjae South Korea’s Rise in the Era of Globalization: Power, Economic Development, and Foreign Relations University of Wisconsin Milwaukee/Academy of Korean Studies $18,022
Allison, David Destroying Pathogenic Bacteria Using Targeted-Nanoparticles DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $22,846
Feigerle, Charles SNS Foils Project DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $41,664
Feigerle, Charles Stripper Foil Development and Testing DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $49,023
Vonarnim, Albrecht manesh shah DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $20,000
Hollenbach, Kandace Paleoethnobotanical Analysis of 1MB510, Mobile County, Alabama University of South Alabama $6,471
Hopko, Derek RCT of Behavioral Activation for Depression and Suicidality in Primary Care Dept. of Veterans Affaris/VA Medical Center $2,500
Plaut, Conrad Moment methods for transport equations DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $18,770
Mikucki, Jill Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling: Integrative Study of Marine Ice Sheet Stability and Subglacial Habitats in West Antarctica Montana State University/NSF $76,074
Sepaniak, Michael MEMS Chemical Sensors DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $22,892
Hollenbach, Kandace Phase I Cultural Resources Survey of the Team Lawrenceburg Commerce Park, Lawrence County, Tennessee Tennessee Valley Authority $11,739
Horn, Sally Paleoecological Analysis of Sediments at the Highway 79 Henson Branch Histosol Site, Tennessee Tennessee Valley Authority $12,000
Pooser, Raphael; Lawrie, Benjamin Quantum Enhanced Plasmonic Sensors The University of Oklahoma Foundation/W.M. Keck Foundation $300,000
Haslam College of Business
Hewett, Kelly A New Approach to Switching Costs Marketing Science Institute $6,400
College of Communication and Information
Allard, Suzanne Enhancing the Data Curation Profiles to Help Bridge the Gap Between Researcher and Repository Purdue University/Institute of Museum and Library Services $10,000
Allard, Suzanne; Tenopir, Carol University of New Mexico DataONE subcontract University of New Mexico/NSF $512,906
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences
Kolvitz, Marcia Postsecondary Education Center for Individuals who are Deaf California State University Northridge/Dept. of Education $388,204
Colby, Sarah iCook-4H: A 4-H Program to Promote Culinary Skills and Family Meals for Obesity Prevention University of Maine/USDA – National Institue of Food and Agriculture $65,608
Colby, Sarah Bean Research in Get Fruved: A peer-led, train-the-trainer social marketing intervention to increase fruit and vegetable intake and prevent childhood obesity University of Tennessee Foundation/Bush Brothers & Company $40,000
College of Engineering
Cox, Chris Administrative Support for East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition $26,982
Dongarra, Jack; Tomov, Stanimire High-Performance Numerical Libraries with Support for Low-Rank Matrix Computations High Performance Technologies of Charlotte NC/US General Services Administration $33,226
Hayward, Jason Graduate student work in nuclear materials detection and characterization – 1 DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $24,216
Ekici, Kivanc Fluid Flow and Fracture Modeling in Enhanced Geothermal System Environments DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $32,495
Mandrus, David Correlated and Complex Materials DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $19,503
Meek, Thomas Fabrication of uranium-oxide-based detectors DOE – Los Alamos Operations NSTec $92,000
Clarke, David Database Applications DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $11,818
Weber, William IBML Use for ORNL Project ERKCM86 DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $7,500
Dongarra, Jack; Bosilca, George Unified Common Communication Substrate (UCCS) DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $40,000
Lang, Maik; Weber, William Materials Science of Actinides – EFRC University of Notre Dame/ Dept. of Energy $180,000
Morris, James Atomistic Study of Metallic Glasses DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $30,000
Maldonado, Guillermo Nuclear Analysis and Simulation DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $20,000
Tolbert, Leon Microgrid Control and Protection DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $25,000
Djouadi, Seddik Design and development of models of electric grid components to support the simulation environment for cyber-physical system security DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $17,200
Rack, Philip Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $37,503
Liaw, Peter Serration Behavior of High-Entropy Alloys University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/Dept. of Energy $50,000
Fathy, Aly Conductive Fabrics for Tamper Detection DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $15,000
Clarke, David The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign’s proposal for Tier 1 UTC University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign/Dept. of Transportation – Research & Innovative Technology $93,760
Skutnik, Steven GO! PGM-Computational Modeling in Support of Used Nuclear Fuel Decision Analysis DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $18,000
George, Easo Aluminum Effects in Iridium Alloys DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $54,639
Papandrew, Alexander; Duscher, Gerd Nanocomposite Electrodes for a Solid Acid Fuel Cell Stack Operating on Reformate Dept. of Energy $1,409,000
Hathaway, Jon; Schwartz, John Regenerative Stormwater Conveyances: An Innovative Watershed Management Tool for Tennessee Tennessee Healthy Watershed Initiative $113,000
Papanicolaou, Athanasios Physical Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Flow and Scour Mechanisms around River Training Structures in the Gravel-bed Skagit River, WA: The Role of Relative Submergence around Elongated and Round Structures Washington State Department of Transportation $124,999
Nambisan, Shashi; Everett, Jerry Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention: Evaluation of Increased Nighttime Enforcement of Seatbelt Use HHS – CDC $400,000
Papanicolaou, Athanasios; Wilson, Christopher Using Hydro-Economic Modeling to Optimally Allocate Water in the Humid Southeastern U.S. University of Tennessee – Institute of Agriculture/Dept. of Agriculture $205,007
Irick, David Advanced Vehicle Systems Technical Support DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $39,938
Simpson, Michael Stochastic Gene Expression in Retroviral Latency The J. David Gladstone Foundation/HHS – NIH $121,523
Pharr, George Experimental Studies of Small-Scale Mechanical Behavior DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $4,822
Han, Lee Freight & Passenger Transportation Data Analysis Research Support – I DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $17,080
Everett, Jerry Judicial Outreach Liaison TN Dept. of Transportation $89,915
Everett, Jerry Media Evaluations of various campaigns and Tennessean’s perceptions of highway safety topics. TN Dept. of Transportation $127,574
Cate, Matthew Fiscal Year 2015 Statewide Survey of Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Usage inTennessee TN Dept. of Transportation $68,318
Ragauskas, Arthur Synthetic Microorganisms to Enable Lignin to Fuel Conversion Texas A&M University/Dept. of Energy $522,323
Hayward, Jason Imaging a Dry Storage Cask with Cosmic Ray Muons Oregon State University/Dept. of Energy $76,249
El-adaway, Islam Assessing Sustainability Effect of Infrastructure Transportation Projects Using Systems-Based Analytic Framework Mississippi State University/ Dept. of Transportation – NCITEC $11,117
College of Nursing
Beebe, Lora The long term effectiveness of Telephone Intervention Problem Solving (TIPS) HHS – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality $100,567
Niederhauser, Victoria APGF/AACN White Coat Ceremony The Arnold P. Gold Foundation $3,000
Wyatt, Tami RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows Center For Creative Leadership/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $35,000
College of Social Work
Wodarski, John The Tennessee Residential Treatment Program for Pregnant and Postpartum Women HHS – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services $519,299
Cummings, Sherry Training Integrated Professionals to Serve (Tips) HHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $328,267
Stewart, Joseph Air Force Acquisition Improvement Support (FA7014-10-R-0008) – IDIQ DOD – Dept. of the Air Force $397,089
Ellenburg, Sarah Agreement Between the City of Cleveland and the State of Tennessee Acting by and Through the State Board of Higher Education on Behalf of the University of Tennessee The City of Cleveland $92,000
Paciello, Jillian; Simerly, Emily High Visibility Law Enforcement Campaign for Traffic Safety at the University of Tennessee TN Dept. of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration $5,560
Campus Centers and Institutes
Webster, Sheila {ISSE/ISSE} Worker Training at Department of Energy Facilities National Partnership for Environmental Technology/NIH – National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences $116,152
Sayler, Gary {JIBS/CEB} BioEnergy Science Center, University of Tennessee, Phase II DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $129,298
Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center} Beth Papanek ESE Bredesen Centr GRA DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $61,334
Moeller, Trevor {UTSI/UTSI} Continued Participation by the University of Tennessee Space Institute in the NASA Space Grant Consortium Vanderbilt University $30,000
Moeller, Trevor {UTSI/UTSI} Solar-Lunar Exclusion Projection System Physical Optics Corporation $79,191
Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS} Mitchell HPC Project DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $2,908
Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS} Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Quantum Communication Network DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $7,470
Sayler, Gary {CEB/CEB} Transformative Process for Coupling Solar Energy to Biofuel Production in Yeast for Steady State Bioconversion Reactors DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $6,166
Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center} Anthony Gianfrancesco ESE GRA Bredesen Center DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $10,032
Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center} Bredesen Center DGF Nicholas Dexter GRA DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $29,501
Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center} William McClintic ESE Bredesen Center DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $12,406
Sayler, Gary {CEB/CEB}; Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana{CEB/CEB} Microbial communities in rice paddy soils reflect mercury and methyl-mercury concentrations DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $23,637
Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS} Mini-Apps: Building Laboratories for Portable Performance from the Petascale to the Exascale DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $37,403
Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS} Bennett: LIVV and NEAMS Support and Development DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $18,198
Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS} Aziz Urban Mobility & Energy DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $17,807
Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center} Alex Pawlowski ESE Bredesen Center GRA DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $23,221
Davenport, Joel {UTSI/UTSI} Afterburning Engine Test Support Boeing $79,181
Greene, David(Baker Center); Khattak, Asad(Engr) Planning Tools for Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infratructure DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory/DOE – National Nuclear Security Administration $24,832
Wilt, Catherine(ISSE); Daugherty, Linda(SW); Ezzell, Timothy(A&S) Survey of Recycling Attitudes and Behaviors for Keep Knoxville Beautiful: A Comprehensive Waste Recycling Study in Knox County Keep Knoxville Beautiful/TN Dept. of Transportation $26,000

* Note:

  1. Awards that were excluded in this list:
    1. Awards with negative award amount
    2. The salary payments for Joint Appointment like Governor’s Chairs, distinguished scientists, and Joint Faculty
    3. Restricted awards (awards with restircted flag checked)
  2. Format for Investigator column in ‘Campus Centers and Institutes’ : {award admin center_institute / Investigator_home_college_school}
  3. Format for Sponsor column : {direct sponsor / prime sponsor} if there is a prime sponsor
  4. Award data was pulled based on Award Notice Date (data entry date).
  5. Data was pulled on 11/4/2014