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May awards pie chart

Awards for May 2015

The following awards were granted in May, 2015. To see a total of all awards and breakdown of where the monies originated, see the graph below.

Spreadsheet: Awards for May 2015


UTK Award (05/01/15 – 05/31/15) *





College of Architecture and Design

Poole, John

Operating funds in support of Philip Enquist’s Governor’s Chair 14-15

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


College of Arts and Sciences

Burghardt, Gordon

Studies of black bear play behavior

Wildlife Research Institute *6


Burr, Devon

Early Career Fellowship Proposal



Fedo, Christopher

Resolving basaltic sediment characteristics from 2D images using known 3D data: interpreting Mars surface processes from lander imagery



Feigerle, Charles

Synthesis of Novel Catalysis

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Feigerle, Charles

Dynamics in Multi-component Polymeric Materials

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Gavrilets, Sergey

Modeling the dynamics of conflict and cooperation within and between multifarious social groups

DOD – Army Research Office


Grzywacz, Robert; Bingham, Carrol

Support for Joint Institute for Nuclear Physics and Applications

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Grzywacz, Robert; Grzywacz-Jones, Katherine

Center of Excellence for Radioactive Ion Beam Studies for Stewardship Science

Rutgers The State University of New Jersey/DOE – National Nuclear Security Administration


Hinton, Don

Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Mathematical Association of America/NSF


Lenhart, Suzanne; Day, Judy

Environmental Components in Disease Models

North Carolina State University/NIH


Mays, Jimmy

Synthesis of Block Copolymers for Anion Conducting Membranes

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


McSween, Harry

Achondrite Petrogenesis

NASA – Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA


O’Meara, Brian

Collaborative Research: ABI Development: An open infrastructure to disseminate phylogenetics knowledge



Park, Jae

Mechanisms of the programmed cell death of post-embryonic neurons



Phan, Tuoc

Asymptotical stability and regularity theory in nonlinear PDEs

Simons Foundation


Plaut, Conrad

Analyzing Data-Specific Model-Selection Criteria

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Sepaniak, Michael

Aging and Analysis of Uranium

DOE – Y-12 Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS)


Shaw, Shih-Lung

Transportation Research Support

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Sokolov, Alexei

Dynamics of Associating Polymers: From Association to Segmental and Chain Relaxations



Sorensen, Soren; Read, Kenneth

Studies of Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter

Dept. of Energy


Steadman, Dawnie

Postmortem Interval Determination: A Metabolomics/Lipidomics Approach

Lincoln Memorial University/Dept. of Justice – National Institute Of Justice


Stuart, Gregory

A Program of Research and Mentorship on Alcohol Use and Intimate Partner Violence

NIH – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


Taylor, Lawrence

SSERVI Environment and Evolution of Exploration Destinations: Science and Engineering synergism -SEEED.

Brown University – Office of Sponsored Projects/NASA


Taylor, Lawrence

Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Sciences (CLASS)

University of Central Florida/NASA


Weitering, Hanno

Electronic Complexity in Epitaxial Rutile Heterostructures

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Wilhelm, Steven; Campagna, Shawn; LeCleir, Gary

Effect of the gut microbiota on malaria

University of Louisville/NIH


Wilhelm, Steven; Zinser, Erik; Campagna, Shawn; Fozo, Elizabeth

Collaborative research: An integrated approach to understanding the function of the potent hepatotoxin microcystin in the growth & ecology of Microcystis



Zhao, Bin

Thermosensitive Block Copolymers for Digital Printing

Dupont Company


Haslam College of Business

Bray, Larry; Burton, Mark

TN Tombigbee Waterway Authority Impact Study

Mississippi State University


Bruce, Donald

Families First Case Characteristics SNAP and TANF Study

TN Dept. of Human Services


Cathey, Amy

MBA Students for Y-12: Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

DOE – BWXT Y-12/Dept. of Energy


Degennaro, Ramon

Reading Group on Entrepreneurial Finance Topics

Charles Koch Foundation


Fox, William; Kessler, Lawrence

Tennessee Economic Environment Quarterly Update Reports

Tennessee Secretary of State


College of Communication and Information

Suttles, Barbara

Support For Computational Science and Engineering Division-UTBattelle (Nelson)

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


College of Education, Health and Human Sciences

Brewer, Ernest

Academic Enrichment Upward Bound

Dept. of Education


Zhao, Ling

Anti-obesity effects of adipose-targeting resveratrol nanocarriers

Texas Tech University/NIH


College of Engineering

Berry, Michael

Graduate Research Assistantship for Master Students (GRAMS) – MSSE

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Blalock, Benjamin

Multi-channel Integrated Spectrum Analyzer (MISA)

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Blalock, Benjamin; Tolbert, Leon; Wang, Fei; Costinett, Daniel

Development of a SiC based high temperature three-phase voltagesource converter with maximum switching speed and adaptive operation capability for high efficiency

II-VI Foundation


Bosilca, George

Innovative Computing Laboratory Summer Intern



Bosilca, George; Herault, Thomas

SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Task-based Environment for Scientific Simulation at Extreme Scale (TESSE)



Clarke, David

Database Applications

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Coble, Jamie

Enhanced Risk Monitors with Integrated Equipment Condition Assessment

DOE – Battelle – Pacific Northwest National Lab


Dongarra, Jack; Bosilca, George

Fault Resilience Communication

Japan Science and Technology Agency


Egami, Takeshi

Neutron Scattering Study of Localized Atomic Vibration

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Fu, Joshua

Air quality assessment to MeadWestvaco on potential VOC emission controls in Beijing, China

MeadWestvaco, Inc.


Hall, Howard

A Bayesian Approach to Broad-Area Nuclear/Radiological Search Operations

Defense Threat Reduction Agency


Hall, Howard; Heilbronn, Lawrence; Wirth, Brian; Ruggles, Arthur; Sickafus, Kurt; Counce, Robert

UT Radiochemistry Center of Excellence

DOE – National Nuclear Security Administration


Hayward, Jason

Neutron Scattering Instrumentation Research and Development for High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Imaging at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

DOE – Office of Science


Irick, David

Automotive Support for Turbocharger Project

BorgWarner, Inc.


Kihm, Kenneth

proprietary funding source

proprietary funding source


Li, Husheng

Collaborative Research: Physical Dynamics Aware Coding for Communications in Cyber Physical Systems: Analysis, Algorithms and Implementation



Maldonado, Guillermo

VVER 1000 Computational Modeling and Benchmark Calculations

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Mench, Matthew

Support of IAHE Activities

International Association for Hydrogen Energy


Ostrowski, James

Collaborative Research: Almost Symmetric Integer Programs



Peterson, Gregory

Joint Institute for Computational Sciences Proposal to NSF05-625: High Performace Computing System Acquisition: Towards a Petascale Computing Environ



Sangoro, Joshua

Ion dynamics and charge transport in ultrathin films of polymerized ionic liquids



Sawhney, Rapinder

Personal Credit Modeling Based on Social Network

VPAL Laboratory, Inc *6


Skutnik, Steven

Migration of Used Nuclear Fuel Storage Data to the ORNL Unified Database

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Tomsovic, Kevin

Program Income for NSF Engineering Research Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Network

Dominion Power


Townsend, Lawrence

Additional Improvements to the HZETRN Code and the NUCFRG2 Database

NASA – Langley Research Center


Wirth, Brian; Maingi, Rajesh

Diagnostics and Modeling in Support of Boundary Physics Research on NSTX Upgrade

DOE – Office of Science


Zhao, Xiaopeng

Collaborative Research: Hybrid Bifurcation with Applications in Cardiac Dynamics



UTK-College of law

Kuney, George

Y-12/UT Law Field Placement Program



College of Social Work

Davis, Cindy; Moore, Matthew

Distress Screening and Traumatic Stress in Oncology Social Work

American Cancer Society


Patterson, David

KARM 2014 Matching Funds for Knox HUD/HMIS

Knox Area Rescue Ministries



Chen, Ying-Ling

A Quantitative Purkinje Technique For ll Early Cataract Detection

Swift-Info Technology


Schmisseur, John

A Systematic Characterization of the Structure and Dynamics of Transitional Shock/Boundary Layer Interactions

DOD – Office Of Naval Research



Stewart, Joseph

Air Force Acquisition Improvement Support (FA7014-10-R-0008) – IDIQ

DOD – Dept. of the Air Force


Campus Centers and Institutes

Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Odbadrakh Coarse Grained Density

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Aziz Urban Mobility & Energy

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Dr. Carrillo research in the area of structure and dynamics of soft matter materials

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Machine Learning Based Network Intrusion Detection-Martin

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Assist NCCS at ORNL- McNally

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Crosby, Lonnie {JICS/JICS}

Assist NCCS at ORNL- Whitt

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Glasby, Ryan {JICS/JICS}

CFD Code Development and Testing – Phase 1

Centrus Energy Corporation/Dept. of Energy


Jakowski, Jacek {JICS/JICS}

Jakowski NWChem Collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Lab

DOE – Battelle – Pacific Northwest National Lab


Murray, Matthew {Baker Center/Baker Center}; Sims, Charles {Baker Center/Baker Center}

To Conduct An Examination Of The Economic Impact Of Ucor On Anderson, Knox And Roane Counties And The State Of Tennessee

DOE – URS CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR)/DOE – National Nuclear Security Administration


Peterson, Gregory {JICS/JICS}

2015 International HPC Summer School



Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

Yunchao Li ESE Bredesen Center GRA

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

Bredesen Center ESE GRA Roisin Langan

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

ESE Bredesen Center Carly McKown GRA

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

ESE Bredesen Center Eva Muntunga GRA

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

Bredesen Center ESE GRA Robert Brese

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Riedinger, Leo {Bredesen Center/Bredesen Center}

Bredesen Center ESE Clarissa Bleker GRA

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Sayler, Gary {JIBS/CEB}

BioEnergy Science Center, University of Tennessee, Phase II

DOE – Oak Ridge National Laboratory



Rashidi, Abbas(Engr); Wright, Courtney(C&I)

ComCon Summit: Innovative Professional Workshop Series to Enhance Communication Skills Pertinent to Construction Engineering Students

Engineering Information Foundation


Vishnivetskaya, Tatiana(CEB); Lloyd, Karen(A&S)

IRES: Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Microbiology and Biogeosciences of Siberian Deep Subsurface Permafrost



* Note:

  1. Awards that were excluded in this list:
    1. Awards with negative or zero award amount
    2. The salary payments for Joint Appointment like Governor’s Chairs, distinguished scientists, and Joint Faculty
    3. Restricted awards (awards with restircted flag checked)
  2. Format for Investigator column: All based on investigator home department except ‘Campus Centers and Institutes’.
    Campus Centers and Institutes column : {award admin center_institute / Investigator_home_college_school}.
  3. Format for Sponsor column : {direct sponsor / prime sponsor} if there is a prime sponsor
  4. Award data was pulled based on Award Notice Date (data entry date).
  5. Data was pulled on June 1, 2015
  6. Sponsor name might be changed at a later date because the official name has not yet been set up in the system as of June 1, 2015.