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Awards for June 30 – July 13, 2014

The following awards were granted during the two-week period of June 30 – July 13, 2014. To see a total of all awards and breakdown of where the monies originated, see the graph below.

Excel document: Awards: June 30 – July 13, 2014

UTK Awards (Jun. 30, 2014 – Jul. 13, 2014)*  
College of Arts and Sciences    
Butefish, Kurt Operating Funds for the Tennessee Geographic Alliance Tennessee Geographic Alliance $90,849
Byrd, David; Alley, David Hank Williams: Lost Highway City of Knoxville $5,000
Cyr, Howard Micromorphological Analysis of the Carriage Turnaround Surface, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Forest, VA The Corporation for Jefferson’s Poplar Forest $3,016
Horn, Sally; Caffrey, Maria Storm surge modeling as an ecosystem service at Cape Lookout National Seashore US Dept. of Interior – US Geological Survey $18,000
Levy, Jacob Practicum experience for Counseling Psychology Cornerstone of Recovery $12,000
Moore, Todd Practicum experience for Clinical Psychology Cornerstone of Recovery $24,000
Reynolds, Todd; Davis, Sarah Role of phosphatidylethanolamine in regulating virulence in Candida albicans DHHS – NIH – National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research $43,476
Schweitzer, Jennifer; Pfennigwerth, Alix Linking plants to soils: Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society $4,150
Van De Moortel, Aleydis Mitrou Archaeological Project Mediterranean Archaeology Trust $1,452
Williams, Richard AS107 Operation and maintenance Southern Methodist University/DOD – Department of the Army $10,000
College of Business Administration    
Fox, William; Harris, Matthew TN State Data Center Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration $278,000
Fox, William; Luna, Leann F&A Appropriation/Research Support Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration $159,200
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences    
Smith, David Newborn Hearing Program 14-17 Tennessee Department of Health/DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $410,300
Spence, Marsha; Haughton, Betsy; Raynor, Hollie; Kavanagh, Katherine; Fitzhugh, Eugene; Smith, Delores; Fouts, Hillary Public Health Nutrition Leadership Education and Training for a Healthy MCH Population DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $176,795
White, Connie TDOE Website Support Tennessee Department of Education-Division of Curriculum & Instruction $40,000
College of Engineering      
Alshibli, Khalid Collaborative Research: 3D Assessment of contact forces, force chain evolution, and fracture behavior of sand NSF – National Science Foundation $270,000
Dongarra, Jack Fault Resilience Communication Japan Science and Technology Agency $176,449
Dongarra, Jack PaRSEC: A Modular Software Framework for Performance & Productivity on Hybrid Ma DOE – Office of Science $341,042
Hayward, Jason Surface modification for testing of light extraction increase from inorganic crystal pixels to be used in future time-of-flight positron emission tomography systems General Electric Global Research $3,140
Komistek, Richard; Hamel, William; Sharma, Adrija In vivo comparison of knee kinematics for subjects implanted with a Smith & Nephew Journey PS TKA & subjects having a normal knee Smith & Nephew, Inc and Affiliates $409,500
Liaw, Peter Fatigue Testing Of Specimens Harvested From A Splined Shaft VEXTEC Corporation/DOD – Department of the Navy $2,000
Moore, Shirley; Bosilca, George; Dongarra, Jack; Terpstra, Daniel Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience (SuPER) DOE – Office of Science $215,000
Rawn, Claudia; Meisner, Roberta Materials Characterization DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $26,000
Shylo, Oleg VA OR Scheduling University of Pittsburgh/US Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs $44,581
College of Social Work      
Cunningham, Maryanne TN Child Support Employment and Parenting Program (4th District) FY 2012 Tennessee Department of Human Services-Community Services Agency/Administration For Children And Families (AS400) $375,400
Patterson, David FY 2014-2015 Knox County CDBG Match Knox County Community Development Office/HUD – Housing & Urban Development (AS400) $10,000
Andrews, Philip(Joint Institute); Zacharia, Thomas(Vp-Science & Tech) XSEDE: eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment University of Illinois/NSF – National Science Foundation $694,000
Beebe, Lora; Roman, Marian(Nur); Raynor, Hollie; Thompson, Dixie(EHHS); Schumann, David(Bus); Wyatt, Tami(Nur); Skolits, Gary(EHHS) Recovery-Based Interprofessional Distance Education (RIDE) Program DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $358,513
Gaylord, Nan(Nur); Skolits, Gary(EHHS) Interprofessional Care at the Vine School Health Center (I.C.V.) DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $452,999
Speraw, Susan(Nur); Mcrae, John(A&D), Gary(EHHS); Schwartz, John(Engr) Appalachian Community Health and Disaster Readiness: An Interprofessional Practi DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $500,000
* based on investigator’s home college/school    
** {direct sponsor / prime sponsor}