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Awards for July 14-27, 2014

The following awards were granted during the two-week period of July 14-27, 2014. To see a total of all awards and breakdown of where the monies originated, see the graph below.

Spreadsheet: Awards for July 14-27, 2014

UTK Award (7/14/14 – 7/27/14) *        
College of Arts and Sciences      
Alderman, Derek Transformation of Racialized American Southern Heritage Landscapes University Of Southern Mississippi (AS400)/NSF – National Science Foundation $2,086  
Allison, David Destroying Pathogenic Bacteria Using Targeted-Nanoparticles DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $15,231  
Binder, Brad REU Site: Sensing and Signaling in Biological Systems NSF – National Science Foundation $54,955  
Bruce, Barry Tennessee Photobioreactor Facility for Bioenergy Applications DOD – Army Research Office $96,713  
Calhoun, Tessa Adaptive Biosystems Imaging DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $47,039  
Chaffin, James The  Correspondence of James K Polk Tennessee Historical Commission $1,595  
Feller, Daniel The Papers of Andrew Jackson Tennessee Historical Commission $1,595  
Karakashian, Ohannes Stochastic multi-level methods for uncertainty quantification DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $15,292  
Kellar, Elizabeth; Hollenbach, Kandace Archaeological Survey Of Federal Landholdings (Clifflines, Scenic Easements, and Uplands) Within the Obed Wild and Scenic River, Morgan and Cumberland Counties, Tennessee. US Dept. of Interior – National Park Service $22,501  
Moore, Todd Practicum experience for Clinical Psychology East Tennessee Children’s Hospital $10,000  
Nazarewicz, Witold FUSTIPEN – France-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei DOE – US Dept. of Energy $35,000  
Taylor, Lawrence Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Sciences (CLASS) University of Central Florida/NASA – Headquarters Washington DC $17,000  
Xue, Ziling Investigating Novel Reactivities of Transition Metal Complexes and Pathways in the Formation of Microelectronic Materials. NSF – National Science Foundation $100,000  
College of Business Administration      
Fox, William Child Care Market Rate Analysis For The Tennessee Department of Human Services Tennessee Department of Human Services/DHHS – Administration for Children and Families $26,400  
College of Communication and Information      
Suttles, Barbara Support for the ORNL Library DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $11,526  
College of Education, Health and Human Sciences      
Meschke, Laurie COMPASS:  Combating ObesityÆs Multiple chronic conditions through Preparation Activities Shared among Students University of Tennessee – Chattanooga/Health Resources&Service Admin $39,604  
Raynor, Hollie LIVE: SMART: Smartphone Intervention for Weight Control Miriam Hospital/DHHS – NIH – National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases $26,551  
College of Engineering      
Desmidt, Hans COMPACT ROTORCRAFT TRANSMISSION: Feasibility Analysis and Configuration Design for Test and Evaluation of a Pericyclic Gearbox for Rotorcraft Power Transmission Vertical Lift Consortium/DOD – Department of the Army $25,009  
Dongarra, Jack SI2-SSI: Collaborative Research: Sustained Innovation for Linear Algebra Software (SILAS) NSF – National Science Foundation $237,955  
Egami, Takeshi Dynamics of Biologically Relevant Model Membrane Systems DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $31,000  
Frymier, Paul Creating Exceptional PhDs in Sustainable Energy and Biomolecular Engineering Teaching and Research US Dept. of Education $187,836  
Hu, Bin Magneto-Optical Studies of Charge Dissociation, Transport, and Collection in Organic Solar Cells NSF – National Science Foundation $6,000  
Hu, Bin Addressing Donor:acceptor Interface and Electrode Interface for Enhancing Photovoltaic Actions in Organic Solar Cells NSF – National Science Foundation $365,866  
Ludtka, Gerard Microstructure Optimization for a Hertzian Contact Stress Environment byHigh Magnetic Field Processing Cummins Inc. $67,034  
Maldonado, Guillermo Curriculum Development for Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $7,000  
Mandrus, David Studies of Correlated Electron Materials DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $60,321  
Parker, Lynne NRI: Peer-to-Peer Coalitions NSF – National Science Foundation $521,309  
Tolbert, Leon; Costinett, Daniel; Wang, Fei Isolation and Gate Buffer for Smart Integrated Power Module DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $33,000  
Tomsovic, Kevin Microgrid Energy Management System and Grid Interfacce DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $24,000  
Townsend, Lawrence Additional Improvements to the HZETRN Code and the NUCFRG2 Database NASA – Langley Research Center $100,000  
Wirth, Brian Modeling Nuclear Fuels Performance: Pellet Clad Interaction DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $26,000  
Campus Centers and Institutes      
Morris, James (JINS/Engr) Atomistic Study of Metallic Glasses DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $39,630  
Stainback, Joseph (Baker Center/Engr) Commercial Utility Nuclear Fuel Security Training Materials for the Peoples Republic of China DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $32,145  
Halloy, Christian (JICS/JICS) Fluids in Nanoporous Matrices DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $78,036  
Halloy, Christian (JICS/JICS) Stahl Applied Data Science DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $22,748  
Davenport, Joel (UTSI/UTSI) Load Cell Shaker Test Aerospace Testing Alliance $4,512  
Hayward, Jason(Engr); Bhaduri, Budhendra(A&S); Qi, Hairong; Lukosi, Eric; Skutnik, Steven; Coble, Jamie(Engr) UT-ORNL-CSED Population Research DOE – UT-Battelle – Oak Ridge National Laboratory $1,930  
Gaylord, Nan; Mixer, Sandra; Fancher, Susan; Bland, Tamara(Nur); Morrow, Jennifer(EHHS) Collaborating in Caring for Chronically-ill Children (C4): Interprofessional Education to Care for Children and Families with Multiple Chronic Conditions DHHS – Health Resources and Services Administration $353,986  
* Note:  
   1. Awards that were excluded in this list:  
        a. Awards with negative award amount  
        b. Awards with very small award amount (for example $20)  
c. The salary payments for Joint Appointment like Governor’s Chairs, distinguished scientists, and Joint Faculty  
d. The salary payments for Graduate Research Assistant are also excluded from this report.  
   2.  Format for Investigator column in  ‘Campus Centers and Institutes’ :  {award admin center_institute / Investigator_home_college_school}
   3. Format for Sponsor column :  {direct sponsor / prime sponsor} if there is a prime sponsor  
   4. Award data was pulled based on Award Notice Date (data entry date).