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2019 Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement Awards Nominations

Please attach the following information in the form, numbering each section in the file title. Please indicate items that have been subjected to external evaluation. Use an asterisk in the title to identify those publications or proposals where nominee is the senior author or the principal investigator.

  1. Describe the quality of the nominee’s research or creative achievement preferably in the context of disciplinary expectations. (Limit to one single-spaced typed page using a reasonable typeface).
  2. Provide the following information for the last five years:
    1. List performances exhibits, publications, papers, etc., of peer recognition:
      1. Articles in refereed journals (include volume, issue, page numbers)
      2. Abstracts and/or papers published as proceedings of professionally recognized organizations (include publisher and date)
      3. Monographs, chapters in books, non-refereed articles, etc. (give complete references)
      4. Books (include publisher and date)
      5. Performances (include dates, locations, audience)
      6. Exhibits (include dates, locations, audience)
      7. Other
    2. List grants, contracts, fellowships, etc., for the last five years. Include dates, dollar amount, duration and source for each.
    3. Provide names of graduate students supervised for the last five years and the title of their theses and/or dissertations, with the date degrees awarded. If available, provide information on former doctoral students, i.e., how many in career, where they are, judgment concerning career, etc.
    4. Provide evidence of national and international involvement and recognition. Give dates and complete information for the last five years.
  3. A separate letter of support from the Department Head.